Monday, October 6, 2008

Who's afraid of the big bad Dow?

American voters are, according to the latest Gallup polls:
A USA Today/Gallup poll finds 53% of Americans describing themselves as "angry" about the financial crisis that has gripped the nation the past two weeks. Fewer Americans, but still a substantial 41%, say the recent events have made them feel "afraid."
That's right, Americans are mad as hell and they aren't going to take it anymore.

And, of those 'afraid' of the financial crisis, women feel the most fear:
The poll does find that women (49%) are significantly more likely than men (32%) to say they have felt afraid as a result of the economic problems . . .
This is big, bad news for the McCain campaign which has decided to begin scaring these already freaked out security mom voters with stories of bigger scary things, like home grown terrorists from way back in the 1960's? Hockey mom Palin has made repeated claims this past weekend that Obama 'pals around with terrorists.' Unfortunately for these McCain team scare tactics, the Dow is actively terrorizing Americans' 401ks day in and day out for the past two weeks. Ayers, meanwhile, acts all too respectable and bespectacled at some university in Chicago. Either Ayers picks up a hand grenade soon, or I see McCain/Palin's latest fear tactics backfiring big time. For, while this Rovian strategy of freaking out the voting population has worked for eight years, the same voters McCain/Palin are trying to scare are far angrier than they are scared. And I suspect the blatant attempt to make their bad situation even more frightening will see these voters pay McCain back with an electoral kicking.

Over in the President 08 (Individual) markets, I warned a week ago that McCain would next see support at thirty if he passed through 40. Sure enough, after plummeting through 40, McCain slid through 30 momentarily before bouncing back on Sunday to about 35 which seems to be a bit of a ceiling for this apparent dead cat bounce.

A 30 point gap now sits between the two contracts: Obama 65; McCain 35.

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